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Publication memorial exhibition
"Cloth that talks"

October 14th, 2022 — Janually 27th, 2023

 Due to the impact of the coronas and various other circumstances, I had to take a break from the activities I had been continuing, but during this time, it was a good opportunity to reflect on what I had come to do. Seeing how a small disease can change so many people's daily lives and future, we could not immediately answer how we should overcome it.

 It was in this context that we published "Cloth that Takls" as a record of the Museum's activities. Thanks to this, we received a great response from many people. I thought that with the solidarity of people interested in cloth, we could explore together a new way of being a museum. I feel that something new will be born by having everyone look again at the cloths I was moved by and collected, and by sharing these feelings with others. Please visit the museum.

Hiroko Iwatate